Hello & Welcome !

I hope you find my site of interest. Sometimes, we come to a stage in our life where we need some guidance on how to get back on track and a buddy to give us a hand along the way. Coaching can assist with finding clarity, redefining your vision and structure combined with flexibility to get there.

Then there are the  many emotions which impact on how we look at life. These myriad of  experiences from disappointments, heartbreak, abandonment, betrayal, rejection, trauma, loss, grief and many other emotions impact on our health and wellbeing. The holistic approach of counselling addresses how deep and how much the client wishes to heal the wound and then continue on to build a system to protection and healing from harbouring the pain.

There was a period in my life where it was difficult to even breathe with panic attacks, anxiety, low self worth.  However, enough was enough and this is where I took the step to change my life, to be the master of my emotions, life experiences and have the awareness of choice. Through study and many sessions, workshops and research I empowered my life and through this process I came to realize that I have the skills and knowledge to facilitate change for others seeking it.

So here I am! My heart is overflowing with unconditional love and I offer a range of  modalities  ranging:

Welcome I am CarmelHolistic Counselling (body, mind & spirit)

Life Coaching,

Conscious Living Skills Training

Energy Facilitation

Australian Bush Flower Essences

Integrative Nutritional Mental Health

I am here to assist & facilitate transformation & healing and with this change equip individuals with the skills to self manage emotions, be present with their choices & be in tune with self love and acceptance. Be kind to yourself and know you are love!

I wish you Love, Joy, Peace & Happiness!



Every morning is a new beginning, a new chance for you to rewrite the story of your life.~ Tina Su


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